This issue is full of information your Escapees RV Club benefits as well as history of the club. Jump in to take a look!
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Did you know you can access every issue of Escapees magazine, back to 2006, in your Member Dashboard?

Each new issue of our bi-monthly magazine is uploaded to the archive as it is distributed BUT you can also browse hundreds of articles penned over the last 16 years and shared with fellow members.

Peek into the history of the club, flipping through words written by members and club leaders who are no longer with us.
What Does Your Escapees Membership Mean To You?

A few years ago, we started sending our new members surveys six months after they joined Escapees to learn about their early experiences with the club.

Most often, new members indicate that they joined for our social events and the discounts available to members. While both of these are definitely useful to Escapees, there is so much more to our club and community!

Keep reading to see what benefits and club history you may have missed.
Take A Look At Escapees History
We are grateful to have more members joining our Escapees family every month! With so much to investigate, from mail-forwarding to roadside assistance, events, discounts, and more, it's easy to get caught up in all the benefits.

Whether you are a newer member or you'd like a refresher, we've gathered bits of Escapees history into our blog to help you see where Escapees grew from, and honor those who offered, sometimes literally, their blood, sweat, and tears to build both this family and many of the benefits members enjoy.

In this collection of articles, we share stories about how our co-ops were built, some of the club's advocacy efforts over the past four decades including the Good Neighbor Policy and the RVers Boondocking Policy, and the history of the Escapees community which was founded in 1970 by Joe and Kay Peterson (pictured above). New articles added several times each year, too!

To browse these snippets of Escapees history, take a look at our blog.

Upcoming Events
Fourth of July Convergence
July 3-10, 2021
Spend the Fourth of July high in the Rocky Mountains with your Xscaper friends!  Xscapers returns to the cooler temps of the mountains for a small town big on fun. Tickets go on sale April 7!

Tetons Hangout
July 6-13, 2021
During the seven-day Escapees Tetons Hangout, you’ll have numerous opportunities to explore the beautiful scenery and outdoor activities both east and west of the Tetons. Check out more on the Escapees website!

60th Escapade
July 18-23, 2021 in Rock Springs, Wyoming
We are SO ready to spend five days enjoying the Wyoming summer with our best RVing friends! Join us in Rock Springs for five days of helpful seminars, evening entertainment, and meeting friends new and old.
Maine Leaves & Lobster HOP
September 27- October 1, 2021
The best time to visit Maine is in September after the summer crowds have left, but before the temperatures drop. Maine landscapes are quaint and beautiful, and its coastal beauty is stunning! The Escapees RV Club is offering a wide arrange of fantastic excursions for your enjoyment. Click the link above to learn more and secure your spot.

Learn More About Member Benefits

The Escapees RV Club operates the oldest and largest private mail forwarding service in the country, with more than 12,500 subscribers. Take a virtual walk through our service to better understand how your mail is handled when you're on the road!

The 11 SKP Co-Op Parks are the crown jewels of the Escapees parking network, offering fantastic RV parking at an amazing value. If you haven't explored these options for your travel plans, take a look to learn more about these Escapees member-managed RV parks!
Curious to learn about more Escapees RV Club member benefits?
Take a look at our complete listing here.
Lock In Savings on Harvest Hosts Membership
Did you know...

Escapees members
qualify for an exclusive 20% discount on Harvest Hosts memberships? Now is the best time to join, too, because Harvest Hosts recently announced a change in their annual membership plans. Effective April 2021, Harvest Hosts memberships will start at $99 per year. This is a $20 increase from their current $79 per year rate.

Current HH members and anyone who signs up prior to the increase will be locked in at the current rate of $79/year and will not be affected by the increase. Review plan details here. Escapees members can save some extra money by using your Escapees discount when you sign up!

You can access this discount, and many more, when you sign in to your member dashboard and review the Member Discounts page.
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