Learn more about RVers lending a hand to others in need, and how you can recognize fellow SKPs who do the same!
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RVers Helping RVers

Earlier this month, we posed a question via our Escapees RV Club Facebook page, asking for members to share what thoughtful things other RVers have done for them. The responses were so heartwarming, we want to share a few of them with you!

Georgia shared about how she fractured her wrist while at an Xscapers event in Mexico. " A wonderful family drove me back to Jojoba SKP Park in So. Cal. They stayed a few days and we had a great time with their two boys. "

Debbie told us about helpful members of Chapter 25, who often gave her rides and assisted with running errands when she didn't have a towed vehicle.

Having two sets of eyes and hands can make RV maintenance so much easier. Robert commented with "I was preparing to perform regular maintenance on my Cummins Quiet Genset. A neighboring RVer came over and did all the laying on your back steps to change the oil and filter, change the fuel filter, and air filter. It's so much more effort to get up and down on the ground and crawling under my diesel pusher is less fun than that."

In addition to heartwarming stories like these, we know plenty of you are out there doing good in the communities you visit, too! From trash pick-up events on public lands to giving back to Escapees CARE (like the photo above) to holding fundraisers and donation drives for animal shelters, community centers, children's homes, and more, SKPs take pride in leaving places better than we find them! ❤️
Recognize SKPs Helping SKPs!
Has a fellow RVer and Escapees member done something kind for you? Nominate them for the Peterson Spirit Award!

Escapees RV Club was founded in 1978 in order to connect RVers and offer a structure for befriending, supporting, and helping each other through the unique struggles that are part and parcel of the RV lifestyle. Building and strengthening community has remained our primary focus throughout our decades of service to RVers. Over time, this mentality gave birth to an often-used phrase among our membership, “caring and sharing.”

We adopted this as a core value of Escapees RV Club as a testament to the passion our members share, both for the RVing lifestyle and for supporting each other. And the Peterson Spirit Award was created to be a prestigious honor granted to Escapees members who demonstrate our core value by going over and above the expectations of others in order to support a fellow RVer in need.

Upcoming Events
7 Ways to Save on RV Travel
June 23, 2021 7:00 PM CST
Do you want to save money while traveling in your RV? RVing can be as expensive or inexpensive as you make it. If you want to learn some ways to cut some expenses and save money for a rainy day, you'll want to join us for this webinar!
Balloon Fiesta Convergence
October 1-11, 2021
We are excited to take a lucky group of Xscapers to the 2021 Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta! If you haven’t been before, it is a must-see event for any RVer and it holds a special place in our hearts since it’s where the very first Convergence took place 6 years ago!

Halloween Convergences
October 17-November 7, 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada
This year, we have back-to-back Halloween Convergences in lively Las Vegas! First up, families have a week of fun, followed by a week for the adults. Tickets go on sale July 7!
Texas Bourbon & Wine Hangout
October 25- November 1, 2021 in Texas
The Hill Country region of central Texas is known for many things. During this seven-day Hangout, you’ll get to experience all of those and more, including a special and rare opportunity for hands-on participation in the process of making an award-winning bourbon. Tickets go on sale June 30!

RVers Boot Camp
December 9-13, 2021 in Castaic, California
This in-person boot camp includes 3 days of classes on RV safety, operation, and maintenance, along with take-home materials, group meals, and more! Click the logo to learn more about boot camp.
Rose Parade HOP
December 27, 2021- January 3, 2022 in Pasadena, CA
Come with us and experience the behind-the-scenes magic of the legendary Pasadena 132nd Tournament of Roses Parade, where this year’s theme is “Dream, Believe, Achieve; celebrating education’s ability to open doors, opens minds, and change lives.”
From the Community

Mobility impairment is one of life’s biggest game-changers. If it happens to you, rest assured that RVing with disabilities is achievable and enjoyable. These tenacious Escapees have done it for years, and will show you how to feed the explorer in your heart to live your RV dreams.

Transitioning from a sticks and bricks house to a rolling home can be tough, especially for kids. We’re thankful a couple of RVing kids took the time to share their perspective on this unique lifestyle!
Need An RVer to Help?
Have you found yourself in need of help with a quick task, "honey-do" list, or creative project? Or maybe something bigger, like hauling your RV cross-country, helping with an RV repair, or watching your house for a month while you travel?

The RVer Job Exchange is a great place to find RVers interested in helping with tasks like these and more. There are RVers like
- Ashley, who excels at graphic design and marketing
- Jace, with his experience in construction and maintenance
- George, a master automobile mechanic
- and others who offer their skills and talents to help answer your needs!

List your opportunity, or share your availability with others, by making a listing on the RVer Job Exchange!

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