A lot! We have info for you on the new RVer Job Exchange, ticket info on upcoming Convergences, and more
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Ready for the good times ahead at Escapade? Have you claimed your ticket for Escapade, yet? If not, now's the time, they're selling quick! Reserve your spot at our biggest event of the year by heading here.
RVer Job Exchange: New, Improved, & Ready for You!
You may have already heard- The new RVer Job Exchange website is officially live! As promised, we made some big changes and have worked really hard to provide what we feel will be the future of jobs for RVers.

That’s great news for all our members!

The RVer Job Exchange was built with all working RVers in mind! So regardless of if you’re seeking volunteer position, workamping jobs, full-time remote work, one time gigs or anything in between- we’ve got you covered.

We Want…No, Need Your Skills!
Looking for income on the road? Have specialized skills and expertise? Ready to offer your talents and services? Help us educate the RV industry and employers that RVers poses a diverse range of skills, expertise, and services!

Your free candidate profile will not only help bring new income opportunities to fuel your lifestyle but also expand a resource with the mission to connect jobs and employers, who not only understand RVers, but actively seek them.

As we continue to build this incredible resource, we aim to feature jobs for:

  • Volunteer Positions

  • Campground Jobs

  • Workamping

  • Remote Jobs

  • Freelance Gigs

  • Web Design

  • House Sitting

  • Camp Hosting

Create Your FREE Account

Head to to take a look around and create a FREE account to get started! Take advantage now and let the next wave of onboarding employers see you first.

Also, if you have a need and want to hire an RVer- signup and create a listing as an Employer! Post your Jobs and Help Wanted Ads and Find Talent Among your RVing Community!

There are already jobs waiting for you!

From gate guarding to software developer to merchandising (and more), there are LOTS of positions ready to be filled by YOU!

Take a look at the available job listings here, and throw your hat in the ring for the ones that most appeal to you.

Upcoming Events
Downsizing for RV Living
April 28, 2021 7:00 PM Central
Downsizing for RV living is a big challenge for everyone no matter if you're going from a large house, small apartment, or even another RV! Kerensa and Brandon have helped hundreds of people transition smoothly to full-time RV living, and look forward to sharing their experiences in this live webinar, streamed on the Escapees RV Club Facebook page.

60th Escapade
July 18-23, 2021 in Rock Springs, Wyoming
We are SO ready to spend five days enjoying the Wyoming summer with our best RVing friends! Join us in Rock Springs for five days of helpful seminars, evening entertainment, and meeting friends new and old.
Glacier Country Hangout
August 24-21, 2021 in Hungry Horse, MT
During the Glacier Country Hangout, participants experience some of the highlights of Montana’s Flathead Valley and Glacier National Park. Registration includes all-day tour on Going-to-the-Sun Road on chartered historic Red Buses, as well as a boat tour on Lake McDonald. Tickets go on sale April 28!

Halloween Convergence- for Families!
October 17-24, 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada
This year we are proud to have the first Xscapers Families Halloween convergence. Fun stuff for the whole family including daily Arts and crafts, Fun games, campfires, and a few late-night campfires for the adults to escape to. Tickets go on sale July 7!

RVers Boot Camp
November 12-14, 2021 in Livingston, Texas
This in-person boot camp includes 3 days of classes on RV safety, operation, and maintenance, along with take-home materials, group meals, and more! Click the logo to learn more about boot camp.
The Best of Northern Ireland HOP
March 20-26, 2022 in Northern Ireland
Start and end your tours in Ireland’s capital city of Dublin, known for its literary heritage and Georgian architecture, and famous pubs. This six-day adventure will take you all over the gorgeous country!

From the Community

With warmer temps come more outdoor adventures. Make sure you know what to look for when it comes to ticks and Lyme disease, straight from the experience of a fellow RVer who is now living with Lyme disease.

Mobility impairment is one of life’s biggest game-changers. If it happens to you, rest assured that RVing with disabilities is achievable and enjoyable. These tenacious Escapees have done it for years, and will show you how to feed the explorer in your heart to live your RV dreams.
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  • When expecting packages, please have them delivered to your location. If that is not possible, utilize your Livingston, Texas mailing address where we can receive and forward them for you. Packages received at your Florida or South Dakota address must be forwarded to your Texas address, which will incur additional shipping fees.

  • At no time can Escapees Mail-Forward Service staff receive packages containing items that are perishable, require refrigerations, contain alcohol, ammunition, or firearms, or are hazardous.
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