We look forward to sharing something we've been working on for quite awhile. Peek inside to see what's coming and to read up on other RV park info!
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Did you know Escapees members get special rates and access to hundreds of RV parks across North America? From our Escapees RV Parks to our SKP Co-Ops, and even the many privately owned RV parks and campgrounds that offer our members discounts, there are PLENTY of opportunities to save money as you head down the road! Learn more about all of these options on the website. (Don't forget, members can use Escapees Maps to plot routes and see what options are along your travels, including overnight parking options with fellow SKPs!)

Speaking of more parking and camping options for Escapees members...
Escapees RV Parks: Welcome Home
For years, Escapees members have asked about adding more SKP Co-Ops and traditional RV parks to our park options. And for years, we've listened to your requests while researching ways to make that happen.

Escapees RV Parks and SKP Co-Ops are special. Member-owned and operated SKP Co-Op parks work hard to create a welcoming environment for both lot-owning members and those just passing through, where they can enjoy time together while resting from travels. Rainbow Parks (now referred to as Escapees RV Parks) offer comfort and comradery at an affordable price, thanks to generations of Escapees who came before and volunteered their time to build these parks for fellow members. Building more parks like these has been cost and time prohibitive to meet the growing demand.

This is why we are SO excited to share with you a solution that creates opportunities for more parks that encompass both the values and quality of Escapees RV Club while offering comfortable accommodations for RV enthusiasts. How do we plan to do this? By working with new and established RV parks through our new franchise program!

Escapees RV parks will expand the parking options for members faster than we could on our own. All future parks will embody all you expect from our own Escapees RV Parks and continue the sense of community that all our parks hold. And now, when you or other members come to us wanting to run your own Escapees RV Park, we have a way to do it! What could be better than a fellow member welcoming you into their own Escapees RV Park?

After 30 years of successfully running our own RV park system, we look forward to sharing our processes and values with more RV parks. The expansion of Escapees RV Parks will continue to promote the Escapees’ culture and community while providing more parking options for members. We can’t wait to welcome you home.

To learn more about establishing Escapees RV Parks, Inc, please read our latest blog post The Creation of Escapees RV Parks: A New Phase of Our Park System. To learn more about becoming a franchisee, go to

(This is not an offering. An offering can be made by prospectus/ Franchise Disclosure Document only. Franchises are not being offered to residents of, or for locations in, states where we do not have an effective franchise registration on file. Escapees RV Parks, Inc., 100 Rainbow Drive, Livingston, Texas 77351)
Upcoming Events
Virtual Campfire
April 14, 2021 7:00 PM Central
Join us on Wednesday, April 14 on the Escapees RV Club Facebook page as we chat with Faith Overall from Leave No Trace. We're going to cover Earth Day ideas, the RVers Boondocking Policy, and ideas for how RVers can #LeaveNoTrash. (You can view the broadcasts live even if you do not have a Facebook account.)

Fourth of July Convergence
July 3-10, 2021 in Salida, Colorado
Spend the Fourth of July high in the Rocky Mountains with your Xscaper friends!  Xscapers returns to the cooler temps of the mountains for a small town big on fun. Tickets are almost sold out!

60th Escapade
July 18-23, 2021 in Rock Springs, Wyoming
We are SO ready to spend five days enjoying the Wyoming summer with our best RVing friends! Join us in Rock Springs for five days of helpful seminars, evening entertainment, and meeting friends new and old.
RVers Boot Camp
November 12-14, 2021 in Livingston, Texas
This in-person boot camp includes 3 days of classes on RV safety, operation, and maintenance, along with take-home materials, group meals, and more! Click the logo to learn more about boot camp.
The Best of Northern Ireland HOP
March 20-26, 2022 in Northern Ireland
Start and end your tours in Ireland’s capital city of Dublin, known for its literary heritage and Georgian architecture, and famous pubs. This six-day adventure will take you all over the gorgeous country!

Learn More About Member Benefits

Be smart. Be kind. Be considerate. Though these basic concepts cover most courtesies and rules of RVing, fellow SKP Emily Rohrer takes a humorous look at the specific things we can do to enjoy RVing without treading on others' enjoyment, too.

The 11 SKP Co-Op Parks are the crown jewels of the Escapees parking network, offering fantastic RV parking at an amazing value. Learn more about this member benefit from fellow SKP, David Goldstein, and how he and his wife make the most of their co-op stays.
Leave No Trash Initiative with Leave No Trace
Join us this Wednesday, April 14th for a Virtual Campfire centered around the Leave No Trash Initiative. We’ll review tips on how to clean up your campsite and surrounding area with Faith Overall from Leave No Trace. And we’ll discuss how the RVers Boondocking Policy helps promote the Leave No Trace principles while RVing.

Next week, you can participate with other clean-ups around the country by sharing your photos with us picking up your area using the hashtags #LeaveNoTrash and #EscapeesTrashTag or sharing in the Facebook groups. Escapees have always done their part when enjoying public lands and we want to share all your good work. So grab a trash bag and gloves and let’s leave no trash!

Click on the button to see the scheduled broadcast for Wednesday evening at 8:00 Eastern/5:00 Pacific. Click on "Get Reminder" on the Facebook post to be notified when we go live. We'll see you there!
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