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The Big Bend Winter Home Base HOP attendees are having fun exploring the local sights! Here, they enjoy coffee and ice cream after a bike ride around Fort Davis. Photo credit: HOP host Lupe Alvarez
We Can't Wait to See You!

Seeing so many Escapees and Xscapers enjoying time together at our Winter Home Base events the past few months has us really excited and eager for the 2021 Escapade! We promised you earlier in winter that tickets would be available starting this month, and we aim to keep that promise.

In order to keep Escapade compliant with local ordinances and as safe as possible for attendees, we made changes to the ticketing and registration process this year. We will share more details about this as they're ready, but in the meantime, make sure you're on the Escapade Extras email list to get the latest information as it's available! We'll open registration soon and Escapade Extras will be the first to find out. Sign up to receive Escapade Extras emails here.

If you're looking for ways to spend time with fellow RVers and learn more about certain aspects of RVing BEFORE Escapade, keep reading to see if our upcoming virtual conference on remote work is right for you.
Office Closed

It has been a tough weather week for Texas and unfortunately, it's not letting up. Our office will be closed Thursday, February 18 due to inclement weather. We hope to reopen 8:00AM Friday, February 19, weather permitting. Emails and phone messages will be returned in the order they were received when we reopen. Outgoing mail planned for this week will be sent Friday instead, if weather permits.

Please check your member dashboard and our Facebook page or group for updates.
Rethinking Remote Work
Fulltime Freedom Week
Join Melanie Carr, Escapees Vice President, Sharee Collier, Project Manager, and Escapees team members for a fully virtual online event focused on rethinking the options for working remotely from your home on wheels!

The Rethinking Remote Work Conference March 4th – 8th

Our first large scale online event!

Enjoy 5 full days, packed with information, engagement, and encouragement for RVers and Digital Nomads interested in remote jobs, digital careers, small business ideas, nomadic entrepreneurship, and the remote work-life balance!

Focused on showcasing RVers and brands who have been there and done it. Our speaker lineup is full of inspiring stories, sound advice, helpful tips, action steps, and encouragement to help you rethink your current position and refocus your goals.

Reserve your ticket today and get ready to discover new horizons and expand what you thought was achievable. Open your eyes to new possibilities and gain access to a community of people who are doing the same!

Featuring over 2 dozen speakers, The Rethinking Remote Work Conference is proudly sponsored by Harvest Hosts, Winnebago, Dometic, Hey Summit & FlexJobs!

Here’s What You Can Expect:
  • 5 Full Days Of Video Sessions
  • Main Stage Talks, Breakout Sessions & Panel Discussions
  • Networking Rooms, RV Tours, Group Games &
  • Live Grand Finale Concert with the Status Crowes

3 Ways to Attend:
  • Free Live Event Pass: Attend all our Main stage talks, panel discussions, networking rooms, and entertainment sessions for a full 24-hours after each one goes live at the conference!
  • Basic Replay Ticket: Extend your 24-hour window to a full week and keep watching until you see it all!
  • VIP Pass with Workshops: Keep your access to all videos for a full year and get our bonus workshops, exclusive Escapees product/service discounts, and a swag gift mailed directly to you after the event!

Click below to learn more about the event and reserve your seat!

Upcoming Events
The Future of Remote Work
February 24, 2021 7:00 PM CST
Our world has changed over the past year and more people are working remotely than ever. What does this mean for RVers wanting to take advantage of this change in the work world? Is more opportunity and travel in our future? Join us for a discussion with remote work specialist Camille Attell about the future of remote work.
Rethinking Remote Work Conference
March 4-8, 2021 Online
Join Melanie Carr, Escapees Vice President, Sharee Collier, Project Manager, and Escapees team members for a fully virtual online event focused on rethinking the options for working remotely from your home on wheels! Click the graphic above for more information.
RVers Boot Camp
April 16-18, 2021 in Dillard, Georgia
Led by a panel of instructors with decades of RVing experience, RVers Boot Camp walks you through everything you need to know to maintain and operate your RV safely. Spend three days with our industry experts and you’ll learn about tire and weight safety, basic RV systems, fire and life safety, proper towing techniques, and much more.
Maine Leaves & Lobster HOP
September 27- October 1, 2021
The best time to visit Maine is in September after the summer crowds have left, but before the temperatures drop. Maine landscapes are quaint and beautiful, and its coastal beauty is stunning! The Escapees RV Club is offering a wide arrange of fantastic excursions for your enjoyment. Click the link above to learn more and secure your spot.

Best of Northern Ireland HOP
March 20-26, 2022
Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom and lays on the northeastern portion of the island of Ireland. It is one of the most popular places for vacationers, and you will visit some of the hottest “must-see” sites that Northern Ireland has to offer. Click the graphic to see what's in store for you!

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Considering Remote Work? RVer to RVer Advice

Worried about RVing being too tough for your kids? One of the many great things about young RVers is their endless curiosity! In this article from Karen Akpan, she shared 10 skills her son and nieces and nephews have learned in their time adventuring on the road.

Whether you're getting ready to hit the road, or you've been putting miles under your wheels for years, there are things you can do every day to ensure RVers like yourself maintain the rights and privileges we treasure. This article from Escapees President Emeritus, Cathie Carr, shares advice based on her years of experience advocating for all RVers.
Finding Healthcare for the Pre-Medicare RVer

Want to hit the road, but not sure how you'll afford to take care of your family's healthcare needs without employer-sponsored insurance? For those that are pre-Medicare age, it can be baffling to find and sift through the options.

David Goldstein, Escapees Hangouts Co-Director and fellow nomad, shared what he's learned in his years of travel, including points to consider when researching healthcare coverage options for your state of residence/domicile. Take a look at this webinar, recorded in December 2020, to see what options are available to freelancing and entrepreneurial RVers!

If you're interested in learning more from our staff, members, and trusted leaders in the RV industry, check out some of our other webinars! Click below to browse our webinar archive where you'll find information on RV renovations, insuring your RV, finding a work/life balance, internet for RVers, and more!

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