From Escapade to Rethinking Remote Work, this week is full of exciting news and opportunities
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Fun Events Ahead!

In addition to opening registration for Escapade very soon, our first-ever all virtual conference kicks off Thursday! PLUS our social calendars are filling quickly with HOPs, Convergences, and Hangouts planned for later this year and into 2022.

With so many ways to connect more directly with your fellow Escapees members and other RVers, we hope you find something in the information below that appeals to you!
Escapade Registration- So Close You Can Feel It!
We are just a few days from opening registration for the 2021 Escapade!

Are you as excited as we are?! You can snag your spot at Escapade in the next few days.

As we've often said, the 2021 Escapade will be a little different from past years due to COVID-19 related restrictions and local ordinances. These changes extend to our registration process, too. A couple of things to keep in mind as you sign up for Escapade:

  • For the 2021 Escapade, due to the ever-changing dynamics of the COVID pandemic, we’ve had to plan on the possibility of limiting registration due to unforeseeable future health department restrictions. If more restrictions are required, then the last registrations received will be the first to be canceled.
  • The registrant will receive a full refund if we can’t make it work. Please know we will try our best to have everyone included.
  • All registrations are on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • In addition to these changes to pre-Escapade registration, we cannot allow daily walk-ins this year. This also means there will not be a Community Day at this year's Escapade. If you'd like to attend, make sure you get your registration squared away in advance!

More information about guidelines, the refund process, and registration deadlines is available on the Escapade website.

To be the first to know about Escapade tickets, activities, changes, and more, make sure you're signed up for Escapade Extras. Official announcements about the event are shared with our Extras subscribers ASAP!

Rethink Remote Work with Us
The Rethinking Remote Work fully-virtual conference kicks off this week!

Are you ready for 5 full days, packed with information, engagement, and encouragement for RVers and Digital Nomads interested in remote jobs, digital careers, small business ideas, nomadic entrepreneurship, and the remote work-life balance?

With speakers joining us from all walks of RV life, as well as remote work experts working with companies like FlexJobs and HeySummit, we'll keep you busy soaking up all the information you possibly can.

There are three ways to attend the conference, helping you choose the option that best works for your schedule:
  • Free Live Event Pass: Attend all our Main stage talks, panel discussions, networking rooms, and entertainment sessions for a full 24-hours after each one goes live at the conference!
  • Basic Replay Ticket: Extend your 24-hour window to a full week and keep watching until you see it all!
  • VIP Pass with Workshops: Keep your access to all videos for a full year and get our bonus workshops, exclusive Escapees product/service discounts, and a swag gift mailed directly to you after the event!

Click below to learn more about the event and reserve your seat!

Upcoming Events
Rethinking Remote Work Conference
March 4-8, 2021 Online
Join Melanie Carr, Escapees Vice President, Sharee Collier, Project Manager, and Escapees team members for a fully virtual online event focused on rethinking the options for working remotely from your home on wheels! Click the graphic above for more information.
RVers Boot Camp
April 16-18, 2021 in Dillard, Georgia
Led by a panel of instructors with decades of RVing experience, RVers Boot Camp walks you through everything you need to know to maintain and operate your RV safely. Spend three days with our industry experts and you’ll learn about tire and weight safety, basic RV systems, fire and life safety, proper towing techniques, and much more.
60th Escapade
July 18-23, 2021 in Rock Springs, Wyoming
We are SO ready to spend five days enjoying the Wyoming summer with our best RVing friends! Join us in Rock Springs for five days of helpful seminars, evening entertainment, and meeting friends new and old.
Maine Leaves & Lobster HOP
September 27- October 1, 2021
The best time to visit Maine is in September after the summer crowds have left, but before the temperatures drop. Maine landscapes are quaint and beautiful, and its coastal beauty is stunning! The Escapees RV Club is offering a wide arrange of fantastic excursions for your enjoyment. Click the link above to learn more and secure your spot.

Best of Northern Ireland HOP
March 20-26, 2022
Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom and lays on the northeastern portion of the island of Ireland. It is one of the most popular places for vacationers, and you will visit some of the hottest “must-see” sites that Northern Ireland has to offer. Click the graphic to see what's in store for you!

Want to connect with fellow RVers?
See the full lineup of events on our
Event Calendar

Getting Ready for Rock Springs

Whether this summer is your first Escapade or your 60th, there is always something you can learn from your fellow RVer! This blog post shares popular tips from RVers about how to prepare for and make the most of your next rally!

Want to head to Rock Springs, but not sure what to do before or after Escapade? Take a look at these area attractions to get some ideas on how to spend your downtime. (Hope to see you on the dune!)
Feature Your Business in Remote Work Marketplace
Fulltime Freedom Week
Interested in featuring your business in the Rethinking Remote Work Marketplace?

This is the place to showcase your RV products, skills, and or services.

Send over an ad promo image or prepare a short sales presentation to attract buyers to your product or service. Upload your video to our Marketplace Video Folder (provided after registration) and let us handle the setup!

For a one-time fee of $29, you will receive a dedicated ad space on the event Marketplace, where all event attendees can access your ad/video and company contact information.

Click below to register while space is available.
Convergences Are Coming Back!
It’s been almost one year exactly since Xscapers last gathered in Casa Grande, AZ. We had over 250 people in our custom-built tent, thanks to our new event trailer, with attendees socializing late into the night, playing casino games, dancing to live bands, watching The Rocky Horror Picture Show on the big screen with live shadow actors, and enjoying the company of like-minded working-age RVers. It's time to dust off the event trailer and air up the tires because Xscapers Convergences are back baby!

This summer, make plans to join us at one of the convergences currently being planned in Salida, Colorado for the 4th of July, or in the shadow of the Teton Mountains in Driggs, Idaho. We also have plans to return to the Balloon Fiesta and boondock in downtown Las Vegas, again.

More details will be posted soon on the
Xscapers website and in future Xscapers News emails, so keep your eyes open and your registration fingers ready! (Not yet subscribed to Xscapers News? You can do that on

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