In addition to vaccine information, this week's Member News shares lots of upcoming virtual and in-person events!
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COVID Vaccine News for Full-Time RVers

A popular topic among full-time RVers right now is where, how, and can we get the COVID-19 vaccine?

To help RVers research answers for their specific needs, our team has created a webpage that compiles what we've been able to find and believe to be reliable. You will find it here.

Information regarding vaccines changes frequently, with some states creating policies and procedures as they go, so we encourage you to seek the latest information specific to your current state and health needs.
RVers Boot Camp- Dillard, Georgia
Mark your calendars and plan your route to Dillard, Georgia for the RVers Bootcamp April 16-18!

This three-day, in-person educational program offers seminars on RV operation, safety, and maintenance including topics like:

  • driving safety
  • RV systems (water, sewer, electrical)
  • tire safety and maintenance
  • RV batteries
  • fire and life safety
  • and more!

With more than 20 hours of instruction, plus elective seminars, focus groups, and materials you can take with you as you travel, RVers Boot Camp is a great opportunity to learn about how to take care of your RV. A well-maintained RV can provide years of travel!
Upcoming Events
Staying Healthy on the Road
January 27, 2021 7:00 PM Central
Join us on Wednesday, January 27 for a conversation with Christine Willers of Iron Irene Fitness! We are going to be live on the Escapees Facebook page where Christine will share advice, as a fellow RVer, about staying fit and healthy while RVing.

RVers Boot Camp
April 16-18, 2021 in Dillard, Georgia
Led by a panel of instructors with decades of RVing experience, RVers Boot Camp walks you through everything you need to know to maintain and operate your RV safely. Spend three days with our industry experts and you’ll learn about tire and weight safety, basic RV systems, fire and life safety, proper towing techniques, and much more.

Moab Outdoor Adventure HOP
May 27- June 1, 2021
Moab, Utah is a perfect climate for outdoor events and Escapees has an exciting, action-packed outdoor adventure awaiting your arrival. Several days will be filled with fun and exciting off-road runs while exploring the beautiful Moab area with your HOP hosts.

Maine Leaves & Lobster HOP
September 27- October 1, 2021
The best time to visit Maine is in September, after the summer crowds have left, but before the temperatures drop. Maine landscapes are quaint and beautiful, and its coastal beauty is stunning! The Escapees RV Club is offering a wide arrange of fantastic excursions for your enjoyment. Click the link above to learn more and secure your spot.

Balloon Fiesta HOP
October 2-10, 2021
If this world premiere event is on your bucket list, then join SKP friends for the annual Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. Each morning as dawn breaks over the majestic Sandia Mountains, the skies will be filled with 600 bright, beautiful, and palatial hot-air balloons from all over the world. Click the event name above to see more information on this HOP!
RVer to RVer

Concerned about towing safely? Then this article is for you. From understanding what weight-related acronyms like GVWR and GCWR mean to learning how to apply them to your towing setup, David's advice will help you ensure you make informed choices in how and what you tow.

When you search around the internet for how to afford full-time travel, you get a lot of really basic information without any deep dives into the topic. And that’s where this article is going to be different. Julie digs deep into the details of budgeting for RV life in this recent addition to our Xscapers blog.
Learn More from Escapees Webinars
More ways to get answers to your burning RV questions- Escapees Webinars!

Over the past few years, we've worked with experienced and expert RVers to answer many of the questions important to their fellow RVers. We dig deep into topics like Healthcare for Pre-Medicare RVers, RV insurance, work/life balance, income taxes, and much more.

Take a look at our archive of Escapees Webinars by clicking the button below. You can also view them on our Escapees RV Club YouTube channel, where we share recordings of our Virtual Campfires, too!
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