We've got Escapade tickets for ya, plus more news about all Escapees event programs
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Gearing Up For Summer 2021 and Beyond

Between Escapade tickets going on sale this month, and news of Hangouts, HOPs, and Convergences starting back up this summer, we are ready to put some miles under our tires and get back to our RV adventures.
With most of the country warming up after a very chilly winter, we're sure you are, too! Keep reading to see more about upcoming event announcements and don't forget to check out the blogs- we've got a couple of articles to spark ideas for your own adventures along the way!
Escapade 2021: Together Again!
We're so excited to be come together again this summer with our Escapees family! Grab your Escapade tickets using the links below. If you want one of our "Together Again!" tees, you can preorder yours on the website, too!
Escapade tickets are now available!

Join hundreds of fellow SKPs who have already snagged their tickets for Escapade by heading over to the Escapade website.

A couple of things to keep in mind as you sign up for Escapade:

  • For the 2021 Escapade, due to the ever-changing dynamics of the COVID pandemic, we’ve had to plan on the possibility of limiting registration due to unforeseeable future health department restrictions. If more restrictions are required, then the last registrations received will be the first to be canceled.
  • The registrant will receive a full refund if we can’t make it work. Please know we will try our best to have everyone included.
  • All registrations are on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • In addition to these changes to pre-Escapade registration, we cannot allow daily walk-ins this year. This also means there will not be a Community Day at this year's Escapade. If you'd like to attend, make sure you get your registration squared away in advance!

More information about guidelines, the refund process, and registration deadlines is available online.

More Events Coming
If Escapade doesn't fit into your plans, or maybe smaller gatherings are more your style, you won't have to wait long for more opportunities!

Our event directors, David & Cheryl Goldstein (Hangouts), Jean & Duane Mathes (Escapade), Lisa Koca (Head-Out Program/HOPs), and JP Smith (Convergences), all came together last week to share exciting news about upcoming events.

Take a look at the recording of last week's Virtual Campfire here, where everyone shared plans for their respective event programs. Escapade is our next event, but it's only the beginning as we get Escapees gatherings rolling again.

You can also keep an eye out for new events by following our event calendars:
- Escapees Community Events Calendar

Upcoming Events
Domicile for RVers
March 24, 2021 7:00 PM CDT
Join us Wednesday, March 24 at 7pm Central to make sure you know the basics of establishing domicile as an RVer! Susie Adams has helped countless RVers with domicile and will join us to review the basics steps of establishing domicile and what it means for RVers.
60th Escapade
July 18-23, 2021 in Rock Springs, Wyoming
We are SO ready to spend five days enjoying the Wyoming summer with our best RVing friends! Join us in Rock Springs for five days of helpful seminars, evening entertainment, and meeting friends new and old.
Maine Leaves & Lobster HOP
September 27- October 1, 2021
The best time to visit Maine is in September after the summer crowds have left, but before the temperatures drop. Maine landscapes are quaint and beautiful, and its coastal beauty is stunning! The Escapees RV Club is offering a wide arrange of fantastic excursions for your enjoyment. Click the link above to learn more and secure your spot.

Best of Northern Ireland HOP
March 20-26, 2022
Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom and lays on the northeastern portion of the island of Ireland. It is one of the most popular places for vacationers, and you will visit some of the hottest “must-see” sites that Northern Ireland has to offer. Click the graphic to see what's in store for you!

Adventure Ideas for RVers

RVs are naturally well-equipped with the comforts of home and allow us to travel safely while keeping our distance from others. If you’ve exhausted your list of Netflix shows and are ready for other things to do, read on. With a little thinking outside the box, there are still plenty of enjoyable activities to be found in your current area, wherever that may be.

RV life isn’t all epic views and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Even if we travel from one Convergence or bucket-list item to the next, most of the time, it’s more about adjusting to changes—the changes we choose and those that are unexpected. Here are some tips for making the most of your situation!
Rethinking Remote Work- A Success!
Another great thing that's happened since the last Member News is our first-ever virtual conference!

Our Rethinking Remote Work virtual conference kicked off on March 4 with impactful seminars and workshops, and came to a close on March 8 with a live performance from The Status Crowes, capping 5 days of networking and learning.

With more than 3000 attendees tuning in, we were really excited to hear feedback like "This entire conference has been nothing less than fantastic. I've attended as much as I can with the free membership and the amount of information is incredible!" and "These sessions have been unbelievably great - and I am only in the free sessions, I am sure the VIP are even better."

As we take a breath and catch up from the excitement, we want to share with you more insight from some of the fantastic speakers featured during the conference. Whether or not you attended, we hope you find some helpful tips from fellow RVers who have found ways to earn income on the road!

- What Is a Virtual Assistant by Bryanna Royal
- Collaboration Tools for Remote Teams from Dani Schnakenberg
- Six Ways to Empower Remote Employees with Camille Attell
- How to Make Money & Travel in an RV by Sharee Collier
- Five Reasons to Create & Use a Budget with Heather Ryan
- Workcamping & Income Taxes from Tim Ewing
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