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Attendees of last month's Grand Tetons Hangout spent lots of time outdoors, including this hike along the New Sheep Bridge trail!
Lots of Great News for Members

Escapees RV Club is constantly working to improve and expand on the benefits offered to members. From revitalizing the RVer Job Exchange to updating RVers Online University, the Commercial Directory, and more, our team has been busy adding value to your membership.

This is why we're so excited to share with you a new benefit all members can enjoy AND news about one of our most-anticipated events of the year. Keep reading to see what's new!
New Discount for Members!
We’re bringing you more ways to save on your travels with the Escapees RV Club Michelin Advantage Program. This new membership benefit lets you save on the things that keep you rolling- tires!

Escapees members can save on Michelin, BFGoodrich, and Uniroyal brand tires for their motorhome, trailer, truck, or car with the Advantage Program. If you’ve ever bought new tires, you know how expensive they can be. The savings on just one motorhome tire could cover the cost of your Escapees membership for a year!

Finding your savings on tires is easy with the price finder tool in your member dashboard! You can search by brand, type, and size and even email yourself a list of options. Once logged in, you’ll also find detailed printable instructions to make sure you have everything you need to get your new tires and start saving.
More Ways to Save on Tires
To make it even easier to make use of this discount, we've created a page that brings all of your tire savings options into one convenient place!

You can find information on Michelin and all your tire savings on the Tire Discounts page.
Upcoming Events
Our social events have been popular this year! Since reopening our club events earlier this year, most have sold out within minutes of tickets becoming available. Don't worry, though. Our event directors are hard at work lining up more opportunities for you to gather with like-minded RVers.

While we have a full calendar of events through the end of this year, the events below are the only ones currently still available. Tap the images to learn more about each!

In the meantime, if you'd like to be among the first to know about upcoming ticket sales, keep an eye on Member News! We typically announce each event 2-3 weeks before tickets are available for purchase.
Eager to learn about the operation, safety, and maintenance of your RV? Our three-day RVers Boot Camp was made just for you! Join us any of the dates below by registering on our website.
November 12-14, 2021
Castaic, California
December 9-13, 2021
Congress, Arizona
February 4-6, 2022
Dillard, Georgia
April 15-17, 2022
April 3-9, 2022 Mission, Texas
South Texas is rich with grasslands, lakes, and rivers, making this a prime area for several migrating animal species. This HOP is the perfect opportunity to enjoy wildlife watching and exploration with fellow RVers!

Want to connect with fellow RVers?
See the full lineup of events on our
Event Calendar

Xscapers Annual Bash News- We Have Dates!
This is it, the RV event of the year!

It’s the World Series, Oscar night, and the Met Gala all rolled into one. It’s New Year’s Eve for 7 nights, it’s Christmas meets Chanukah. It’s like payday and your tax refund landed on the same day. It’s the thing people will be talking about for the next year. It’s the 6th Xscapers Annual Bash!

Join Xscapers in Lake Havasu, Arizona where the days are filled with speakers covering all topics RV and RV life related including boondocking, solar, working on the road, cooking, and hobbies. The evenings are filled with a mobile party like you’ve never seen at an RV event.

Join in the theme nights and hang out by the fire till sunrise. Try craft brews, share your favorite guacamole recipe, or just try one of the dozens on offer. Indulge in local food trucks, share drinks and ideas with like-minded RVers, and be part of a movement! Get out of your rig, and get to living at the Xscapers Annual Bash!

Note: Tickets not yet available. Keep an eye on future newsletters for a release date!

Want to keep up with other Xscapers events and resources? Sign up for Xscapers News!

Helpful Blog Posts

As we learn about the impact Hurricane Ida has had on the Gulf Coast, hurricane safety and preparedness are top of mind. In case you missed it last time, here's another reminder to check out this article from Cherie Ve Ard. Here, she uses her extensive experience living and RVing in Florida to help fellow RVers take appropriate precautions during hurricane season.


Want to help your tires last longer, safely? In this article from Escapees safety expert, Jim Koca, he discussed the most common problems that plague RV tires, and ways you can mitigate these issues.
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