This week, we share some highlights of Escapade as we also look to future events for more opportunities with fellow SKPs
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Attendees gather for a group hug and sing-a-long as we bid "see ya later" and close another successful Escapade. Keep reading to see a few highlights from the 2021 event!
Time to Catch Our Breath

Well, kinda. 😀

As our volunteers and staff unwind from the non-stop action and excitement of Escapade, we have hosts gearing up for Convergences, Hangouts, HOPs, and more, that kick off soon. We're so grateful to our community of members who selflessly give their time to help at huge events like Escapade, as well as those who take charge guest-hosting smaller gatherings for members all over the country.

The Cascade Mountains Hangout gets started today in Washington, while Xscapers are making their way to Idaho for the Grand Teton Convergence. In just a few weeks, more Escapees are coming together in Maine for the Leaves and Lobster HOP!

Each of these events is already sold out, but if you're interested in joining a future gathering, keep scrolling to see what's coming up.
60th Escapade- Together Again!
Audience members take advantage of intermission to do some easy yoga stretches during Escapade's Got Talent, the annual talent show for Escapade attendees.
After a cancellation, a postponement, and many, many "what ifs," the 60th Escapade kicked off July 18 in Rock Springs, Wyoming, welcoming 1400 Escapees back together again after many months apart!

Though the temperatures were 10-15 degrees higher than average this time of year, thanks to the unprecedented heatwave in the northwestern US, in true Escapees fashion, attendees made the best of the situation. From outdoor socials with cold drinks and ice cream to evening dance parties in the midway with The Status Crowes, the heat didn't stop us from having fun together! We even had our first WEDDING at Escapade!!!

Also true to the Escapees spirit, attendees came together in a variety of ways to raise funds for CARE, a nonprofit organization that supports RVers whose travels are impacted by age or health problems. Between chipping in donations for daily coffee and donuts, silent auctions at the CARE booth, a walk/run fundraiser hosted on Thursday, and other efforts throughout the week, attendees raised more than $8,000 in donations for CARE. Way to go, SKPs! Also, way to go Boomers BOF for your huge contribution to CARE over the years. This group was honored with their own street at the CARE facility in recognition for their ongoing contributions to the nonprofit, announced and awarded at Escapade!

Kidscapade was also a huge hit this year, encouraging our youngest attendees to dig deep into the mining history of the area while exploring a variety of STEM activities throughout the week. They examined core samples, learned about and practiced photography with some awesome Photography BOF volunteers, and even capped their week of fun and learning with a water play party. (Get a glimpse of the fun in the photo below!)

We have a few hundred GB of photos and video to sort through first, but soon we'll have a more detailed recap of this year's event up on the website. Until then, keep an eye on future issues of Member News for some photo highlights from the 2021 Escapade.
Upcoming Events
Halloween Convergence- for Families!
October 17-24, 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada
This year we are proud to have the first Xscapers Families Halloween convergence. Fun stuff for the whole family including daily Arts and crafts, Fun games, campfires, and a few late-night campfires for the adults to escape to.

Halloween Convergence- for Adults!
Oct 30- Nov 7, 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada
Xscapers returns to downtown Las Vegas for an urban boondocking experience like no other! Join us as we take over a parking lot surrounded by the lights, and excitement of Freemont street.  This Convergence is not for the faint of heart or the early to bed. Like most Xscapers Convergences, the daytime will be left free to work.  The nighttime is where this event comes alive.

Mexico Convergence
January 23-30, 2022 in Rocky Point, Mexico
Just a short drive south of the border is the beachside town of Puerto Penasco, or Rocky Point.  Great food, beautiful beachside camping, and an easy drive from the states make this a wonderful destination for RVers, both those with lots of experience in Mexico and first-timers who are nervous to take their RVs across the border. Tickets go on sale August 11!
Winter Blast Hangout
February 15-21, 2022
Held each President’s Day Weekend, Winter Blast is the premier pyrotechnics event of the winter. Fireworks manufacturers, show producers, and pyrotechnic hobbyists come to Winter Blast from around the globe for daytime conferences. Then at night, the sky over Lake Havasu City lights up with fireworks shows and demonstrations. Our six-day Winter Blast Hangout will let you and your fellow Escapees experience this pyrotechnic extravaganza, along with several outdoor activities in the Lake Havasu City area. Tickets available Aug 18!
April 3-9, 2022 Mission, Texas
South Texas is rich with grasslands, lakes, and rivers, making this a prime area for several migrating animal species. This HOP is the perfect opportunity to enjoy wildlife watching and exploration with fellow RVers!

Moab Outdoor Adventure HOP
May 17-22, 2022
If you love outdoor adventure, then this HOP is for you! Moab, Utah is a perfect climate for outdoor events and Escapees has an exciting, action-packed outdoor adventure awaiting your arrival. Several days will be filled with fun and excitement with off-road runs while exploring the beautiful Moab area with your HOP hosts.
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